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>Talk >Event Giant MACE Media Group introduces Sleep Science Expo: Innovation in Sleep Technology

Event Giant MACE Media Group introduces Sleep Science Expo: Innovation in Sleep Technology

  • First of its kind interactive experience to offer an exhibition of sleep research, technology, and wellness products.
  • Sleep Science Expo guests can visit and interact with exhibitors offering the latest and greatest in sleep technology, while learning from researchers and scientists from all over the world.

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA – March 22, 2021

Event giant MACE Media group, announced today their expansion into the billion-dollar industry of sleep science and technology with the unveiling of the Sleep Science Expo: Innovation in Sleep Technology.

With over eighteen conferences of experience hosting educational and exhibition events in niche markets such as Cannabis throughout the United States, MACE Media group, spearheaded by CEO Celeste Miranda is ready to bring you a first of its kind interactive experience delving into the vastness of sleep science, research, technology, and wellness products.

“The Sleep Science Expo was inspired by listening and talking to people at my other conferences, namely the Original CBD Expo Tour. There was an enormous amount of people that were seeking sleep aids and suffered from chronic problems with sleep. As studies have continued to support the importance of sleep in our overall health and well-being, the Sleep Science Expo is a natural addition for Mace Media Group events.”  said CEO Celeste Miranda.

In recent years, there has been significantly more research and development into the power of a good night’s sleep. Not only are scientists and researchers using innovative technology to collect data for white papers and studies linking sleep patterns to disease, but all-star athletes and high-performance individuals are turning to sleep science to increase productivity and overall wellness.

“The appetite for products designed to improve sleep is very high,” confirms tech news site, UKTN, which is why both funding and sleep-tech innovation in this category are taking off, too.

Health experts have megaphoned the benefits of powering down your digital devices hours before bedtime if you want to bank a solid night of zzz’s. And yet, 2021 will be the year technology is welcomed into the bedroom to actually improve your sleep quality. By creating the optimal environment for you to snooze via temperature controls, sharing data about your REM stats, and creating solutions to help you wake up naturally, digitized beds aim to help you sleep better than ever.

The Sleep Science Expo is more than a display of the latest and most innovative sleep technology. It offers the highest level of sleep science education. Leveraging expertise across Neuroscience, Bioengineering, Clinical Medicine, Alternative Medicine, and computer science, Sleep Expo will host a variety of specialty speaking tracks and sleep science education courses featuring PhDs, Physicians, Scientist, and Researchers from all over the world, The Sleep Science Expo will be the place to gain valuable knowledge and discover the cutting edge of sleep science and technology.

To attend this year’s event or learn more, visit us online at www.sleepscienceexpo.com

About MACE Media Group:

MACE Media Group produces many trade events including Concentration, Delta 8, and Psychedelic Science Conferences that attract dozens of cannabis and mainstream media journalists. Currently, MACE Media Group is producing a tour of CBD expos bringing together thousands of industry influencers, forming the most comprehensive Cannabinoid event in the United States.

MACE Media Group publishes niche industry trade publications. Its premiere title, Terpenes and Testing Magazine, was the first industry trade publication devoted to cannabis science. Its newer publications, CBD Health & Wellness Magazine, and Extraction Magazine revolve around the growing cannabinoid industry to provide news on trending applications, medical research, and updates with laws and regulations.

Find out more at MACE Media Group or email info@macemediagroup.com.

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Join us at the Sleep Science Conference November 5-6, 2021